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Hello! I am Sha, also known as Whitey Mommy. I juggle between being a fulltime mommy and a career as a freelance web and graphic designer. I also make side income by being a part-time business woman. I quit my previous job as a manager because I like to stay at home and take care of my son. Watching him grow in front of my eyes is the best thing that happens to me.

I started blogging in February 2010. Later in July 2010 I became a freelance web and graphic design. It all begins when I started to design my own blog and learned the codings from scratch. A friend likes my design and immediately commissioned me to design her template. later on the words-of-mouth spreads. And this is how I became a freelance designer.

This is my my online portfolio, a place where I keep my latest artworks and design.

Enjoy browsing!

If you are interested to HIRE ME as a designer for your blog or any graphic design. Kindly contact me :
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